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OMR Solutions, OMR Sheet Printing & Scanning Services

Mark Reader is a growing organization engaged in OMR BPO in India having it's operations office in New Delhi, Mark Reader is leader in OMR Solutions and provides services like OMR Sheet Printing, OMR Form Processing Services, OMR Data Processing Services, OMR Examination Sheet Processing, Result Analysis of OMR Sheets etc. to various Govt. and Private Sectors. Mark Reader provides onsite OMR Scanning of Sheets in India. Just place your query here for any type of OMR Solutions.

Mark Reader also deals in OMR Scanner which can help you in doing OMR Scanning of OMR Sheets in-house.

OMR Sheet Printing India, Delhi

Service OMR India OMR Sheets Printing

Mark Reader also provide OMR Sheets Priniting, which can be customised according to client's need. These sheets can be used for conducting any examination, survey, feedback in any Govt. or Private organisation.

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OMR Service Provider in India, Delhi

Service OMR Delhi OMR Sheet Scanning

We provide Pre-examination and Post-examination Result Processing of Medical, Engineering, Other Exams, Feedback Forms etc. by automatic data capture using OMR, OCR / ICR tools.

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AXIOME OMR Scanner, AXIOME AXM 960 OMR Scanner, OMR Scanner India

AXIOME OMR Scanner OMR Delhi AXIOME Alpha AXM960 OMR Scanner

Axiome AXM960 is one of the best OMR scanner available in market. Mark Reader is authorised dealer of AXIOME products in India.

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AXIOME OMR Scanner, AXIOME AXM 980 OMR Scanner, OMR Scanner India

AXIOME OMR Scanner OMR Delhi AXIOME Alpha AXM980 OMR Scanner

The Axiome AXM980 Optical Mark Reader (OMR scanner) with a large input tray and a fast paper transport is an ideal way to process volumes of forms and to transfer automatically data into your computer.

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